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So, what is Hosted Telephony? Simply put, it is the cloud based delivery of a range of telecoms services via internet connections. It allows you a reliable alternative to using traditional ISDN or analogue lines, which are commonly the most traditional way of utilising a business phone system. However, with the ever-increasing availability of high speed data connections, and improvements in software and hardware options, cloud-based networks offering a Hosted phone system is now a fast-growing area, and is becoming a preferred telephony choice for many businesses, large or small. As well as voice, video and instant messaging are growing in popularity.

Our M-Cloud Hosted phone system has the same functionality as a traditional system. Because they are hosted by us, no external engineers are required to activate any additional functionality you need beyond making and receiving calls.

We offer excellent customer service and advice, up-to-date hardware,and affordable pricing.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive suite of business productivity applications - out of the box
  • Embedded mobility 
  • Available for up to 250 extensions out of one box
  • Leading range of IP and digital desktop phones
  • Standard Phone Manager is a CTI desktop Client

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