Do you need to share calls amongst a team? The MiContact Centre Office is an entry-level contact centre solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

The MiContact Centre Office comprises the following modules:

Contact Centre office Server

The server connects your computer network to your MiVoice Office 250 Communications Platform, which monitors all internal and external calls 24/7, providing the data needed for the other MiContact Centre Office modules to report call information and display real-time statistics.

Reporter Pro

This equips managers with the information they need about the calls your business receives and the agents who handle them, giving both a real-time and historic view. Historic reports can help you identify call costs, trunk usage, and traffic patterns. Managers are able to monitor through Do Not Disturb (DND), and by highlighting exceptions to the norm, rather than by constant checking of agents. An optional Auto Reporter is available for advanced scheduling and publishing of reports, real-time statistics, and alarms.


This feature optimises operational efficiency for  an individual user, or a team leader. Multiple tiles can be built to display selected statistical information globally, or across groups and individuals. There are over 200 different statistics to choose from; each of these can be individually filtered.

MiContact Centre Office Clients

There are two different clients to suit different types of users : Connection Assistant & Mitel CallViewer. The clients integrate telephony and desktop systems, allowing employees to control calls from their computer desktops, and providing screen pops from Personal Information Management databases. CallViewer provides enhanced call control with control features, such as the ability to set DND state.

Intelligent Router Module

This is an optional module that enables you to create a very flexible set of call routing rules, beyond hunt group and longest idle agent routing. For example : historical call routing, Look Ahead Routing, and Skill Set Routing.

Media Blending Module

Emails, and other media (where suitable gateways are available to convert them to email), can be routed in the same way that voice calls are distributed to agents. Reporter Pro provides complete historical and real-time reporting on email activity.

Key Features

  • Entry-level contact centre solution for small to medium sized businesses
  • Allows call sharing amongst a team
  • Works with MiVoice Office 250 & MiVoice Business
  • Includes hunt group, longest idle agent routing & email routing
  • enables workgroups to efficiently monitor, manage & route calls
  • Reporter Pro equips managers with reporting tools, to include historical & real-time reporting
  • RealViewer brings real-time business performance to desktops
  • Allows calls to be controlled from employees' computer desktops
  • Media Blending Module enables you to route email and other media
  • Optional : Intelligent Router enables route calling beyond hunt group & longest idle agent routing

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