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Your inbound number will be set up to route through to your main business telephone line. When active you will have online portal access to change call routing at at any time.

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I understand that if Meerkat Comms has been requested to make any arrangements relating to telephone line changes, new lines, re-numbers, etc, they are not responsible should the network provider fail to provide any or all aspects of the request or for the workmanship of their engineers. I agree that I am solely responsible for all charges relating to any part of the above. MeerKat Comms will not be held responsible for the compatibility of any equipment not supplied by them. I agree that any BT line installations, changes, re-numbers or any other network arrangements made on your behalf by Meerkat Comms will be billed to you directly by Meerkat Comms.

I hereby confirm the details are correct and understand any change will be subject to a charge. I/we agree to your Terms & Conditions .

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I/we confirm that I am/we are duly authorised representative(s) of the above company and authorised to sign this binding agreement on its behalf.

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